Tuesday: We are Green

The environment discussion is on FIRE.



We are having discussions that I never thought could be possible. I remember hearing the older generations say it is our job to fix this. And I have to say, avoiding Ego… We are!

All ages are pushing companies to be more conscious of the environment.

We are all making moves.

I have friends creating documentaries, traveling all over the world bringing awareness, and many spreading Love.

I am inspired, and I am taking action.

Ritually is now more environmentally focused and we are donating our 30% of our profits toward organizations like 1% for the planet, and 4Ocean. On top of the fact that the products that we are distributing already donate 10-50% of their profits… A.k.a. it’s all Greatness.

Why not practice your self care rituals and decrease your eco footprint at the same time?

That’s why Ritually is here to encourage you. This community is larger than we could have ever imagined, with zero plastic grocery stores opening in all cities around the globe. Workshops on how to become Zero Waste are showing up. It’s inspiring!

Side Note: I have a list for each city that I visit with shops that are making a difference, if you are interested in seeing them, let me know in the comments below!

Thought of the Day:

As you are going around your day, what are some of the areas you think could be cleared up, or organized? Where could you be more mindful in your daily routine?

  • How does your Kitchen fridge look like?

  • How are you preparing or buying coffee and lunch at work?

  • What are the products you use weekly for washing your clothes?

  • Does your neighborhood recycle?

Free things you can do right now to cut down on waste

  • Bring your own water bottle. Period.

  • Switch to cloth napkins/rags instead of paper towels for cleaning

  • Ask for no straw! If you need one, bring your own!

  • Skip disposable cutlery and bring reusable utensils from home

  • Stop using cotton earbuds and just use a thin reusable cloth 

  • Make your own reusable cotton rounds from an old t-shirt to wipe your face at night

  • Use coconut oil to remove make up

  • Make homemade mouthwash with baking soda and essential oils (this recipe is great)

  • Make your own all-purpose cleaner with food waste (I like this recipe)

  • Use the whole part of produce (greensfruitapples)

  • Use your food that’s “gone bad”

  • Make veggie scrap stock with onion skins, celery butts, leek greens, mushrooms, and carrots

  • Regrow your food (a great visual here of things you can regrow)

  • Make your own laundry powder

  • Use your old containers to store food instead of buying fancy new glass jars… You don’t need a new container!

  • Get a library card and borrow books instead of buying new. Ask online if someone has the book you need! Can you find the book online? I suggested once, and I will again, check out Scribd! Making a huge difference for my reading while traveling, or when I am walking to work. It is a huge service for me with books, audio books, and even journals and Articles!

  • Start composting your scraps. Now.

  • Bring your own reusable bags when shopping… I honestly always have a canvas bag in my backpack, because you never know when you’ll need more space.

  • Bring a to-go coffee cup to the cafe. You might get a discount! Honestly #singleuse cups just need to go.


Have more ideas? Let me know!

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