Curious about Myself

Paleo, Vegan, Pegan, Keto, Atkins, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Alkaline, Kosher, Low Sodium… so many terms!

What are we supposed to eat now-a days?

Should I just eat vegetables and fruit?

How much is too much fruit?

Kale causes issues with female hormones if consumed too often.

Carrots cause carrageenan poisoning? Am I a Flamingo?

Raw or Cooked? Blackened or grilled may cause cancer? Aluminum foil may cause Alzheimer’s?

Dairy should we have it? Maybe Ghee is better? Isn’t it dairy at the end of the day?

For over 4 years I have tried and explored all different types of diets and eating habits… Figuring out what works for me! Eliminating, trying new recipes, following different doctors, learning about Ayurveda, and saving MANY Pinterest recipes…

I was recommended to try an immunology test recently, which tests my blood with over 54 different chemicals and food ingredients. They then analyze the reactions and conclude what you may or may not be “allergic” too. I was pretty aware of a few of them, but was definitely surprised by a lot of them! Every since moving to a more vegan plant based diet, and replacing my meals with plant based protein, I could tell something was off. It has been a month of me being vegan, and as much I enjoyed it, it’s clearly not working with my body. I am beginning to be more creative with the meals I can eat.

The results show that I am reactive to: Almonds, Barley, Lima Beans, Cashew Nuts, Catfish, Coconut, Eggs (!!!), Flounder, Garlic, Ginger, Lobster, Cow’s Milk, Filbert Nuts, Peas, Peanuts, Perch, Pork, Rice (my life), Rye, Sesame, Soybean, Tuna, Walnuts, and Wheat.

I am going to eat consciously around this for 6 months, and see the impacts on my body. Let’s see! If you’re curious to know more about this, leave a comment below!

and now with my focus in sustainability, I have become an advocate for choosing responsibly what you are putting in your mouth, and buying from suppliers.

Do you know where your avocados are coming from? Do you know what the chickens are fed to create the perfect egg? Do we even know what is being sprayed on our Spinach and Apples that we love so dearly?

It’s shocking…

What can You, and We do right now?

  1. Follow organizations and individuals in your community that are making a difference. Share their content, quotes, tidbits of knowledge.

  2. Learn how to improve your household, your habits, and inspire those around you.

  3. Share this article with friends and family and start the conversation on what nutrition and eating ethically means to you.

Wake Up

Have you ever had a work day when your rushing out of your home feeling either nervous or anxious? Maybe you're running late to a meeting, or over slept?

Mornings are the beginning foundation of our day. Will you start off by having a healthy breakfast? Drinking hot water with lemon? Exercise? Meditate? Listen to the news? Maybe stretching is a good idea? Calling a special loved one? ..... So many different norms that all of us do in the morning... so many different rituals.


For a long time I have been thinking about how I would like my days to start. What will make me happy, and ready for the day.


I am a huge morning person... Once I am awake... I am moving around and doing as much as possible. A large factor that I am improving is the amount of sleep I am getting at night... making sure to sleep earlier than 11pm... Difficult, yet extremely worth it.


Values for the MY morning: a good balance of vitamins and protein in my breakfast, getting some sort of exercise (preferably running), and being updated/prepared for work (checking emails, reading news articles, and reviewing notes for class).


Now that I know what I like, I am going to organize my 'perfect' morning with detail...

  • Wake Up
  • Heat up some hot water with lemon
  • Stretch  
  • Go jogging for 45 minutes 
  • Shower
  • Check my emails, news, class notes

      And I am ready to go!


That is just what I particularly enjoy, what about you? 


Obviously, life isn't perfect and sometimes we go off track. It's normal! Try it out though as often as possible. Having that small specialized morning just for yourself can completely impact your day; since you are accomplishing something you value in the morning it can truly impact you effort throughout the day.


Hope you have a wonderful day and make sure to leave your comments below! 

New Habits

Alright! So this is my first time actually dedicating myself to having a blog. Never thought I was actually going to be a person interested in typing out her thoughts or connecting to people through the internet!

I think this is going to be a great journey, one that both of us can enjoy from.

So why this? Why the title?

When you think of the word "ritual", what comes to your mind?

Some may think it has a relation to spirituality, others think of a specific norm or tradition, but for the past year I have found this word has a lot more meaning than we imagine. 

Rituals are habits that you make for yourself, whether it's for your religion or just your own purpose. It can even be the basics of eating healthy, working out on a daily basis, spending time with your family, or any type of habit that you find of true value.

That is what I hope to generally accomplish, Valuing your life

If you want to know more about me you can visit the About page. 


Self Reflection Questions: 

So what do you value? What are your priorities? Leave your comments below and I can't wait to see your responses!