What does being Zero Waste really mean?

Do you think that you have an impact on the world? On your community?

“Human potential is infinite. Quantum mechanics shows us that our individual psychology affects how the world behaves. Scientists found that electrons performed differently depending on who was looking at them—meaning if you change the way you look at the world, the world actually changes. We each have limiting beliefs that hold us back, but when we step away from the stories we’ve created, there are no limitations—only a vast sea of energy waiting for us to form it.”


So, what does being zero waste really mean?

“The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.” - Zero Waste International Alliance

I have been doing a great amount of research these past few months about ZW Kits and products that may be cute and attractive… but when I thought about what the true meaning of zero waste is, I began to wonder… Is buying all of these cute bamboo cutlery, and tin containers “Zero waste”… Maybe in the long run.. And also maybe if you have a shop nearby you then you can buy it… but if you are buying it online from Amazon or Etsy, it’s coming in packaging, shipped from China or Australia, and then branded.. do you still feel as though it’s creating the least footprint for our planet? 

What if you used what you already have?

How many of you have an extra fork and knife that you could pack in your bag?

  • Maybe a mason jar that you have stored in the back of your cupboard or a super large glass jar for pickles?

  • How many reusable water bottles do you have or how many plastic water bottles have you already used this year? Save one of them, and use it for your trips! What’s great about these bottles is you can take out the air inside them and shrink them into your bag (super handy when you have so much in your bag!)

Did you know: It takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down!?

  • What about kitchen towels? Do you have any cute ones or any old linen t-shirts that you want to get rid of? What if you cut up the fabric and used that as a cloth napkin… think of all the paper you could be saving!

  • Lastly, for now, what about a canvas bag? Cloth bag? Have you gotten one at your grocery store yet? Or were you given one at an event?

Did you know: 3 days ago, Coca Cola and Pepsi have both Abandoned the plastics lobby?!

What can you do Right now?

  1. Take an extra cloth bag to the grocery and put your lettuce and veggies there instead of the single use plastic ones… you already know you are going to throw it out when you get home!

The average adult uses 20,000 plastic bags in his lifetime. 

  1. Do you really need the pre-packaged lemons? Or the plastic container tomatoes? Can you also pick them yourself?

    • What about the plastic laminated cucumber? How much plastic do we need?

Ever heard of picking the “ugly ones” ?

  • This is a great point… How many of you will choose the pretty apples instead of the ugly ones? Maybe the color isn’t as nice, or they look a little ripe? Look for the deals! In places like Aldi, Edeka, Trader Joes, even Fresh Market (wherever you are in the world) you will find sections that are fruits and veggies about to be thrown out. Go for those! Cook them that night! Get inspired by “googling” a recipe with a specific veggie!

  • For example, have you ever avoided the older looking bananas? Maybe you won’t have time to eat them now… What is you make your own Banana bread? What if you spent 1-2 minutes peeling them and freezing them for your morning smoothies? OR Some ready to go tomatoes? Could you make a really nice tomato sauce for your cauliflower pizza?

  • All I am saying is… with Zero Waste there is a lot of creativity and mindfulness involved. It’s definitely not the easiest at times, but there is something special about planning and making the time to cook or pack a lunch for work.

    • While some of us don’t have a lot of time.. this can be a great practice for people that may need grounding or a reminder to be present (guilty as charged).

These are just a few thoughts of mine.. Let me know in the comments below how you are bringing sustainability into your life?

Have a great Tuesday!

Quote I have been pondering this week:

“Human potential is infinite. Quantum mechanics shows us that our individual psychology affects how the world behaves. Scientists found that electrons performed differently depending on who was looking at them—meaning if you change the way you look at the world, the world actually changes. We each have limiting beliefs that hold us back, but when we step away from the stories we’ve created, there are no limitations—only a vast sea of energy waiting for us to form it.”

Me Time & Recovery Tips

Hallo zusammen!

This week my coworkers and the majority of us have been feeling sick! It is crazy though how much of your mind has to do with it. Have you ever had one of those moments when you have completed your exams, or finished a project for work that you made sure you were 10000% attentive, and right after completing it you are immediately sick? Your body finally relaxes and knows that now you need to heal. Your mindset has the power to impact how soon and quickly you will recover.

During this time, I have made the effort to reflect on what I like to do when I’m needing some more “me” time. I realized that immediately I went to certain practices, things that I have learned from family, travel, friends, and what I personally like an individual. First I’ll start off with what I have been doing the past week, and then I’ll share some advice that I found from others around the world… What do different cultures and tribes practice when they need to rebuild strength, and healing?

Making your sleep environment comfortable, and simple can relax the mind, and encourage better sleep.

Making your sleep environment comfortable, and simple can relax the mind, and encourage better sleep.


  1. Get enough Zzz’s

  2. Listen to some of your chill music, if you’re needing inspiration, check out my Spotify playlist, Fading Out

    • Sometime you just need to slow your thoughts and get out of your mind. Focus on some jams, and Breathe. Sound Therapy has been highly correlated to healthy thoughts which = Healthy Mind = Healthy Body = HAPPY FEELINGS..

  3. Drink LOTS of Water, but even more importantly… Get your electrolytes!

    • Add some Flavors, have Fun. Add some Lemon, maybe warm up some water and make a Ginger Tea… Some of my friends have been experimenting with different oils… Lavender, Rose, Basil essential oils.. I haven’t gone TOOOO in depth with this, but I am curious to learn… Hmm… Ideas for my next researching craze.

  4. Move your Body! (Walk, Stretch, Yoga, Slow and Steady wins the race)

    • It has taken me maybe a week and a half to feel completely “back” in strength and my running ability, but I remained consistent, walking when I felt able to, getting fresh air, and then STRETCHING. You don’t have to do anything Crazy, but laying on a couch isn’t always the best option (Unless you have fever or you feel dizzy! Take the time You need to rest, but avoid losing your routine of taking care of yourself. (I’m not a pro, but maybe you can relate?)

  5. Call your Family, (whatever that may mean to you), and have a meaningful talk!

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I get extremely energized when I hear the voice of a loved one… Do you ever feel this way? Who do you share your crappy (excuse my french) emotions with? Who can you call and just Vent! We need to sometimes!

  6. Journal. I have noticed that the majority of my cold’s and flu’s were caused by emotions that I haven’t reflected on. It really makes a difference when I make an effort to just write freely, and look at a situation from a different perspective.

    • Some options can be to write what you’re grateful for, write about your values and priorities to recalibrate or write about an event that happened and the story you have made about it.

  7. YOUR WORDS ARE POWERFUL! I can’t say this enough! If you know me, I may sound like a broken record at this point, but I really believe that your words Create the Future. So constantly putting yourself down, or being upset is going to take you NOWHERE… Probably only down. Be optimistic! “I AM GETTING BETTER! I AM STRONG. I AM LISTENING TO MY BODY. I AM TAKING THE TIME I NEED TO HEAL.” This is a challenge that is unfortunate, but maybe it was needed for a bigger reason! Maybe you need to see what you are doing in your life from a different perspective.

What do you do when you’re feeling off? Do you listen to your body? Do you continue pushing through?

For more info: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/turning-straw-gold/201608/10-strategies-try-when-you-re-sick-being-sick

Got some extra time? Keep reading.

The Calming Ritual of Matcha Tea:

Learn how to make matcha green tea through a traditional Chado Japanese Tea Ceremony. Making the perfect cup of tea for the Japanese is an integral aspect of their culture, and this ritual is no exception. New videos weekly. Highly recommend watching a few because they are simple and are easy to follow. This is the next ritual I am going to practice, looking for the instruments needed like the “chawan” for the stirring purpose. 

Current Songs to Calm the Mind:


Check out this short video created by The School of Life… they go into greater depth on the importance and history of rituals… Great group of people that focus on teaching young generations more about emotional intelligence and self-understanding.

1/6 Rituals That Have Impacted my Life

REFLECTIONS IN LIFE... something I make sure to do at least once a week. Keep myself in check

After my injury on September it has been a slow yet steady process of getting back to my normal active lifestyle. From going to yoga once a week and working out 3 to 5 times, to barely walking more than 2 miles a day... Not fun for me.

What was the upside of having to dealing with this condition? Having the chance to use my time on other opportunities, and slow down! I sometimes forget like I bet many of us do, that it is OK to take a break. It is OK to relax on the beach. It is OK to listen to our bodies when we feel under the weather. 

I have the issue sometimes of overcommitting and it has been a journey that I will continue to practice of saying, "No". It's wonderful to keep your options open, but it gets to the point where you have said "Yes" to way too much! Focus on what you're really values are and work on those! It's not easy. It's hard. That's the real truth... but I have some some tips if you feel like this may be happening in your life.

1. Breathe

I can't explain HOW important this is for each of us. Be aware of your core balance. Today after my weekly morning practice, I was discussing with a friend of mine the importance of learning how to breathe and it's benefits when learning to be self-aware in decisive moments.

2. Visualize all of your commitments, DRAW them out! 

3. Ask yourself, "Is this really helping me?"  Is it REALLY? 

4. Now IMPLEMENT. You are now AWARE, and have the power to make a difference. So GO FOR IT! 

Here's an example of how I have used this in my life,

I was a part of the Student Government in our university. I realized although I believed it was a beneficial experience I was dedicating a lot of time to something that I really wasn't enjoying and needed to be spending more of that time on things that will enrich my career goals, like spending more of my time with my Entrepreneurship club. 

"Society tells us that successful people are busy. Think about the CEO’s, famous law firm partners, crazy celebrities, politicians, the rich and famous “leaders” of society. They’re just so successful that they’re super in demand, always taking phone calls, going to meetings, cutting ribbons, giving speeches, running shit like events and parties. Successful people just have so many successful things going on that they need to always be doing these successful people things."   This article gives a strong opinion on overcommitting, click here . You may find this useful, you may not.... Check it out. Share your thoughts! 

I am not a professional in any shape or form. This is only from personal experience and vouched by many conversations with friends and family.

If you're somewhat feeling this way, and may need some friendly guidance, I am Willing and would love to help. Maybe you've gone through this in your life already, if so Share! Comment below. I'd love to hear your opinions and gain more feedback.