Part of the process

This quote has been said many times, and if we analyze it further... we can see the depth behind it.

  • How do you treat commitments?

  • How do you show up for others?

  • How are you treating the people that support you?

But first,

  • How do you take care of you?

  • How are you doing things? Are you rushing yourself in the morning? Are you eating a nutritious lifestyle? Are you listening to your body?

Today, I am focusing on the relationship with self. 
I can only speak for myself when I say that if I am treating myself with respect and love, then I can give and serve my community more. The less balanced I feel... overtime... (usually 2 days) I begin to notice that I am less proactive in how I support others. Therefore this is crucial! I don't want to be the cranky, grumpy daughter or the tough tired spazzy friend! Anyone with me on this? I am not perfect.

  • How can I show up for you, if I don't show up for me?

  • What does showing up for me mean?

This is why I believe strongly in the power of daily practice. What do you need in the morning to start your day? Is it that cup of coffee? Yoga practice? Meditation? Walk on the beach? Listen to the news?

We get to realize this because we are the authors of our lives.

I have been working on something for a while and finally wanted to put a name to it...

THE DAILY FIVE: (this is a rough draft! Working and learning what simple 5 things I can do for me everyday! No matter where I am)

  • Daily Meditation (5 or more minutes)

  • Movement (gym, yoga, walk, stretch)

  • Drink (2-3 liters of water)

  • Nutritional goals (more wholesome foods)

  • Learn (spend an hour a day working on my crafts, and skills)


How are you starting this week?

If you haven't yet, Check out the post I made for the Rainforest Alliance, amazing team that is supporting and protecting our great, and beautiful Amazonian Rainforest!

Sending lots of love your way,