Curious about Myself

What are you? 

Paleo? Vegan? Pegan? Keto? AI? Gluten Free? Non-GMO? Alkaline? Kosher?

What are we supposed to eat nowadays?

  • Should I just eat vegetables and fruit? Are beans bad for your gut?

  • How much is too much fruit?

  • Kale causes issues with female hormones if consumed too often.

  • Do carrots cause carrageenan poisoning? (Am I a Flamingo?)

  • Raw or Cooked? Blackened or grilled may cause cancer? Aluminum foil may cause Alzheimer’s?

  • Should we drink dairy? Maybe Ghee instead of Butter? Isn’t it dairy at the end of the day?

  • Is Coconut Oil really magical? Does Olive oil turn into transfat with high heats? How much guacamole is too much?

… So many questions that I was curious about, and wanted to explore for myself…

Image from a sacred Japanese tea ceremony that I attended in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For over 4 years I have tried and explored different types of diets and eating habits… Figuring out what worked for me… I think I am finally figuring it out.

I was recommended to take an immunology test recently, which tests my blood with over 54 different chemicals and food ingredients. They analyze the reaction and conclude what you may be “allergic” too. I was aware of a few of them, but was definitely surprised by a lot of them! They brought up some pretty large staples of my diet. Ever since moving to a more vegan diet, and replacing my meals with plant-based protein, I could tell something was off. It has been a month of me being vegan, and as much I enjoyed it, it’s clearly not working with my body. I’m not giving up on being plant based, but I may need to add pasteurized eggs or high quality wild caught fish. This is a chance for me to be more creative with the meals, and see how great my body can feel.

Results show that I am reactive to: 

  • Almonds

  • Barley

  • Lima Beans

  • Cashew Nuts

  • Coconut

  • Eggs (!!!)

  • Garlic

  • Ginger

  • Lobster

  • Cow’s Milk

  • Filbert Nuts

  • Peas

  • Peanuts

  • Pork

  • Rice (my life)

  • Rye

  • Sesame

  • Soybean

  • Tuna

  • Walnuts

  • Wheat

I am going to eat consciously around this information for 6 months and see the impacts on my body. My main goal is to find balance between the food I enjoy, and taking steps to improve our environment. Let’s see how it goes!

  • What are your eating habits? 

  • Are you allergic to anything? 

  • Are you getting all the nutrients you need?

If you’re curious to know more about this, leave a comment below!

… and now sustainability…

I have become an advocate for eating responsibly what you are putting in your mouth, and buying from suppliers… What does that necessarily mean?


Do you know where your avocados are coming from? Do you know what the chickens are fed to create the perfect egg? Do we even know what is being sprayed on our Spinach and Apples that we love so dearly?

It’s shocking…

What I am trying to explain to you is that there is a possibility for you to feel amazing in your body, eat the food you want, and consciously take care of our planet.

What can You, and I do right now?

  1. Follow organizations and individuals in your community that are making a difference. Share their content, quotes, tidbits of knowledge.

  2. Learn how to improve your household, your habits, and inspire those around you.

  3. Start looking at 

Begin Again

Hello beautiful people! I miss writing here!

It's been a while since I have made a blog post... mainly due to the fact that I was struggling to know exactly what I wanted Ritually to become. I felt a great amount of pressure of what others thought of my brand, and I began forgetting why I started in the first place. So let's begin.. There are many brands that are focused on meditation, and yoga... World-wide apparel clothing, and body lotion companies. This is a very competitive environment, and I am about to enter the field.

My whole life has been outlined by travel... with family... with my university... and a great amount of solo trips. Some of my most important memories have been while I was in a new location discovering. I love to journal, and I realized that my passion for writing is ignited when I travel. Something about being in a completely new space, and really being "me". Being able to stay with a host family and 

My point with this is feeling that I have of not giving a fuck of where I am, and just having my self "essence" is what we need to learn to appreciate. Especially in the world we live in with social media, advertisements, and artificial intelligence... It is crucial to know deep down how we are as beings on this planet. 

1/6 Rituals That Have Impacted my Life

REFLECTIONS IN LIFE... something I make sure to do at least once a week. Keep myself in check

After my injury on September it has been a slow yet steady process of getting back to my normal active lifestyle. From going to yoga once a week and working out 3 to 5 times, to barely walking more than 2 miles a day... Not fun for me.

What was the upside of having to dealing with this condition? Having the chance to use my time on other opportunities, and slow down! I sometimes forget like I bet many of us do, that it is OK to take a break. It is OK to relax on the beach. It is OK to listen to our bodies when we feel under the weather. 

I have the issue sometimes of overcommitting and it has been a journey that I will continue to practice of saying, "No". It's wonderful to keep your options open, but it gets to the point where you have said "Yes" to way too much! Focus on what you're really values are and work on those! It's not easy. It's hard. That's the real truth... but I have some some tips if you feel like this may be happening in your life.

1. Breathe

I can't explain HOW important this is for each of us. Be aware of your core balance. Today after my weekly morning practice, I was discussing with a friend of mine the importance of learning how to breathe and it's benefits when learning to be self-aware in decisive moments.

2. Visualize all of your commitments, DRAW them out! 

3. Ask yourself, "Is this really helping me?"  Is it REALLY? 

4. Now IMPLEMENT. You are now AWARE, and have the power to make a difference. So GO FOR IT! 

Here's an example of how I have used this in my life,

I was a part of the Student Government in our university. I realized although I believed it was a beneficial experience I was dedicating a lot of time to something that I really wasn't enjoying and needed to be spending more of that time on things that will enrich my career goals, like spending more of my time with my Entrepreneurship club. 

"Society tells us that successful people are busy. Think about the CEO’s, famous law firm partners, crazy celebrities, politicians, the rich and famous “leaders” of society. They’re just so successful that they’re super in demand, always taking phone calls, going to meetings, cutting ribbons, giving speeches, running shit like events and parties. Successful people just have so many successful things going on that they need to always be doing these successful people things."   This article gives a strong opinion on overcommitting, click here . You may find this useful, you may not.... Check it out. Share your thoughts! 

I am not a professional in any shape or form. This is only from personal experience and vouched by many conversations with friends and family.

If you're somewhat feeling this way, and may need some friendly guidance, I am Willing and would love to help. Maybe you've gone through this in your life already, if so Share! Comment below. I'd love to hear your opinions and gain more feedback.