Trying to be perfect

Sometimes the problem isn’t that we have ideas or keep trying. It’s when we focus on being perfect. That is when we can distract ourselves from the purpose of self care rituals.

I notice this weekend I wasn’t being consistent on my blogging, and I was going to go back and rewrite, but I think it is important that I am clear and not perfect. I am not perfect. But I am creating a blog here that I can write and track my progress with self care rituals. Share my journey, and just blog because of the fun of typing.


What I am learning though is the power of Discipline and Commitment, and therefore I am writing daily here, to try and see what this can develop into.

Currently, the things I can manage with working are:

  • Meditating Daily - Tracking my progress, and the impacts on my life flow.

  • Blogging daily (sometimes only a few sentences, but always creating value).

I am seeing if Podcasting is possible, but I want to make sure I can create the best value, therefore, slowly heading in that direction.

Emotional intelligence is comprised of the following:

  1. Self-awareness — a conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, and desires.

  2. Social awareness — an understanding of other people’s feelings and motivations (this includes empathy).

  3. Self-management — the ability to maintain self-control, remain adaptable and have a positive outlook.

  4. Relationship management — the ability to work within a team, resolve conflicts and inspire leadership.

How to Achieve Emotional Intelligence

Think about emotional intelligence in terms of a workout. If you wanted to run a marathon or enter a bodybuilding competition, you’d have to train. You can set goals, but if you’re like most people, you’re always going to strive to be better.

In that way, emotional intelligence is like fitness. But instead of working out your body, you’re working out your mind.

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