Meaning of life

Happy Sunday!

My dads in town so adventuring around Hamburg, showing him around, eating out, and getting some well needed catch up.

This week I am focusing on…


Finding an apartment.. a space for me to feel home home. I have been living with my friend, Isabell, best host ever. And it's time for me to find a place with more room for me. if you know something let me know. In all honesty, this is something I see I am needing, because I am a Super active soul, so it’s crucial, if not I begin to get anxiety, and just move move move too much. Routine gets interupted, and then it just gets all messy. It is way better when I have my spot.

For Mother Nature: (this is also kind of for others):

1 .Figuring out the Stadtrad's and how they work. So that I can stop using the buses (anyone able to explain the parking?)

2. Get my colleagues to reuse or bring reusable bottles instead of plastic.

3. Make the effort to go to the Isemarkt or outdoor market after work.. Any recommendations? Want to come with?

For My Community:

Spend some time catching up with family, and updating them what’s going on in my life. Sometimes I get to active that I need to chill, sit, and check in with family… This is the point A that I brought up for myself this week. Grounding.

Thought of the day:

What does life mean to you?

Are your daily goals aligned with what you want to create?