Skin, our temple

Our body is our temple.

And sometimes we can really hurt it, or not pay enough attention to it.

One of them being the care and love for our Skin.

The largest organ we have that protects us from diseases, infections, and hold us all into one being.

I have for a while been the type of person trying to get out of this pattern of picking my face. Just one small black head, and then 3 minutes later I have ‘attacked’ my precious skin. Leaving it red and open to infections.

I have slowly been changing my products, one cleanser, one serum at a time, to see if I can give my skin what it deserves. Some Tender Love and Care.

I posted a story on my Instagram


This has been my experience and maybe it relates to you. So if you have any advice or tips! Please share! I am curious and growing!

Happy happy Sunday to you all,