What is your crazy?

Good Morning Community!

I was asked this question by Neo Moreton from UrbanOM/Byond. Did not know what to answer at first. So first I asked, Good or Bad Crazy?

It was an open question, see what I responded, how was my reaction… I thought that I had totally misunderstood the answer… but thinking further… it is pretty straight forward.

My Inner Tiger.

This is my crazy. How does a tiger act when it’s on the hunt? When it’s having fun with it’s tribe? When it’s protecting its cubs?

I ROAR with Power.

Full of Energy.

Dancing with Passion.

Loving unconditionally.

I say and feel this deep in my body. I hope you can feel it too.

My question to you today…

  • What is your spirit animal?

  • What is capturing your attention right now? OR has always caught your attention?

  • Did you ever get told you were like a certain animal?

  • What can you learn from it’s way of being?

I have definitely asked all of you at least once before, and if I haven’t, now you’re tagged.

This is a fun exercise that I just really like, if you need support figuring out your animal:

Here are some websites that I recommend looking at if you need some inspiration, they check your zodiac, birth date, and maybe you may find something that relates to you!

Tiger Spirit Animal

When Tiger comes to you as a Spirit Animal treat this with the utmost respect. Tiger will teach you patience – when to move, when to remain still and in the end experience a successful “hunt”. Tiger will not let you plan things willy-nilly, nor will he let you procrastinate when the Path is already clear for that next great leap.

Additionally in terms of spiritual growth Tiger offers you incredible strength. Sometimes the Universe uses tests as learning tools. These can weary the spirit of the traveler but Tiger stands ready to lend a powerful paw that keeps you going. Tigers are known for their amazing bursts of energy in the wild, and you can tap that for any challenge you face.

People with a Tiger Spirit Animal often yearn for adventure, and they can stare down a statue! There is little that can stand in Tiger’s way when it wants something. The caution here is avoiding a selfish agenda. This typically happens early in the spiritual relationship. As you mature with Tiger, that temptation comes under greater control. In the meanwhile use a chrysoprase crystal to help.

If your spirit animal is a Tiger your relationships and sexual expressions are very intense. You love fully and have a strong desire to parent. Female tigers revel in their motherhood roles and keep their young close for lessons.

How to take care of this inner self? How do I take care of and listen to my inner animal?