Wu wei

Good Morning Love,

I am so grateful for my community.

I had a big reminder this week that there is so much power in having a group of people that are there to bounce off ideas, and vent. There is so much power in Love. There is so much power in Connection. And being vulnerable does not mean that we are weak, We are Strong. I am strong. I am powerful. (Self talk)

This is my last day in Stockholm, for now (wink wink to Stefanie). I am so grateful that I got the chance to be a part of this conference! Thank you to Stockholm Tech! You guys really have created a group of people that are creating and shift in this world! The Hackathon! And most importantly to see my Powerful crew here. Shout out to my Fire5 Team! What an amazing team we have built, and hope that we can continue to slowly build or at least continue inspiring women to be more financial literate.. IT is Important! The restaurant Boqueria was ok, nice group of people, tapas style, but I was definitely just happy to see my team and see them before I leave tomorrow morning!

Todays weather has been rainy, cloudy, and cold… A little slower starting, getting dressed, meditating… We will see if it changes later today.. But nice! I love these moments of reflection.

These next few days I will be starting my morning learning about the Taoist (Daoist) practice, lead by Solala Towler. It will cover the main nine principles and how I can apply them into my own life. From the first day practice he discussed the state of ‚Being with Change‘ … I am quite a fan because things change often in my life, but the one thing that I have the ability to impact is myself. Click here to join the course with me!

It is a spiritual path that can teach us the power of our personal energy… This belief that our bodies create energy, this is called our ‚qi’

I am fascinated because of my curiousity in Reiki and meditation..

So we will see what happens!

Stay Tuned!



Sending lots of love and light your way today,