Hey community!

So the podcast is here :) Active. I am going to begin a few episodes and slowing working towards a place where you can learn and hear inspirational talks with some of the fun and cool people I meet throughout my life… On this journey that we all call Life.

Here is the link to my first Podcast, quick intro to what I am doing and the Hackathon I participated in, and the importance of Financial Literacy. I can‘t say this enough! If we don‘t have the knowledge, then how can we make decisions and progress. Click Here.

This past few days I have really not been blogging. And it‘s something I don‘t understand! Definitely a bit frustrating. Which then reminds me of why I am doing this in the first place.

I am here to be raw with you. I am here to be authentic and genuinely share my experiences.

I am not perfect.

I am building to be my best self, and BIO HACK the system. (Grateful to have attended Per‘s talk, and will discuss in a bit).

In today‘s blog I want to discuss a point that was said to me yesterday, something that I really felt deep down.

Are you inspired by your job?


I don‘t know if it was the lack of food in my body, end of the day, listening to this Ted Talk and being on Cloud9… But this really, and I mean Really, is important to me.

How many people in the world, are going to work every day, and living their lives uninspired?

How many people will end their day feeling unfulfilled?

How many people are so impacted by social media and marketing that they don‘t know their true self? Their true worth?

Yesterday, I have the fortune to be able to attend Stockholm’S TEDx event at The Lobby. The topic was ‚More Human’… When I spent my time in Stockholm 2 years ago, I connected with Per Söderström, marketing consultant, curious bio hacker. We discussed morning rituals and the importance of having a practice daily… A centering or grounding exercise.. This was also at the time were I just started Ritually! So it was fresh and new for me, and I was seeing what was possible… What is inspiring to me is to Know that one conversation was part of his tipping point of analyzing his practices and taking care of his body and soul. I am grateful for you. (If you want to know more about his experience with Bio Hacking, here is the link to his website.)

What I found curious with the talk though yesterday was with all of our curiousity and growth in medical/digital tracking devices.. There is this discussion of Privacy… Protecting our Data… And what are the possibilities for the future?

  • ´Will we see a rise in the people protecting their data?

  • Will we be in control of our data?

During Per‘s talk I realized a big thing, and it‘s that with our technology growing and becoming our third arm, we may be disconnecting to the true feeling of our bodies…. What do I mean by this?

  • How many of use track our progress with technology, keeping our schedule, tracking our steps, writing a food log, or even tracking our sleep?

  • What happened to ‚feeling‘ your body and knowing that you‘re feeling good?

    • For example, the peach you ate at lunch.. How do you feel? Is your stomach happy? Are you digesting it properly? How is your energy afterwards? What was your mind state when eating the meal? ( Many questions, and maybe something stood out to you).

Therefore, I want to ask a question…

What is your vision for our conscious community and health industry?

Where do you see your daily practices consisting of in the next year? 5 years? 20 years?

Please respond to these questions if you have a second and reply back to me! I love hearing what you guys think!

Have a great day today,

Ritually (aka Isa)