What is Possible?

Did you know there is 3 different types of Twilight? Civil, Nautical, Astronomical.

“A few days after the September equinox, when the Sun sinks below the horizon, the North Pole has a few continuous days of only civil twilight, followed by days of nautical twilight and then astronomical twilight.

This transition ends sometime in October when the Sun sinks more than 18 degrees below the horizon. When this happens, the pole experiences Polar Night – a continuous period of darkness without twilight.”

I say this because Hamburg hasn’t really been getting dark at night, usually just a Dark Blue.. Reminds me a lot about my time in Stockholm.


I saw this image today and it reminded me off a few things I have thought in the past and what I have taken action in the past few months/years.

  1. WE ARE HEALTHY. You are reading this on some sort of Smart Device! Take one second to say Thank you! Out loud.

    • Look to the person beside you, even if it’s a complete stranger, and just say “Thank You”. ( I can hear my mom saying, “Don’t talk to Strangers!!!”)

  2. I’m not a fan of the wording, but Loneliness, or being ok sitting in Silence, or discovering a city solo is a Huge Lesson.

    Challenge for you, if you haven’t already:

    • Go to the nicest restaurant you can, Solo. Order your favorite dish. Be there and Eat slowly. Enjoy every bite,

    • And see how you feel with people eating beside you. Are you nervous? Looking at your phone?

    • Can you enjoy the moment?

  3. Easiest one for me, I don’t watch TV. Now OK… I know… Big statement here. I don’t own a TV, but if someone is watching the TV, I’m not dying or anything. What I do realize is that if there is ever a TV in my space or a person’s space, they will consume some of their time during the week (or Daily) just to watch something.

    • Now, there may be comparisons to iPhones, whether or not that’s the equivalent… In my case, there is something about Sitting down for more than an hour, staring at a screen, and sitting on a couch… I am just not a fan. What if you could use that hour to be outdoors? Read a book? With friends out to dinner?

    • COMPLETE EXCEPTION: Football games (hope that made you smile just a little bit).

  4. You are the people you surround yourself with. Let me repeat. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH.

    • We are beings that live in community and create habit. Sooner or later your actions, energy, and attitude will reflect those you surround yourself with.

  5. Move your Body.

    • This is CRUCIAL for me. I have an energy like you can’t imagine…. Actually you know me already, haha… I have a curiosity and passion that can not be tamed… Gemini! Therefore, movement, and discovery are key for my Focus. #daily5

  6. TRIAL AND ERROR. Do it! Cultivate, learn, TRY it! I had a really good conversation yesterday evening about this actually. It is ok to ask questions in your professional field. Learn from others. (This comment is on 5, and 8)

Where are you reading this from, I’m curious to know! Leave a comment below!

Have a great afternoon! <3