You are the 5 People you spend your time with.

(Paraphrased from something we have all heard once in our life).

We have the power to choose our environments and the events and places. Sometimes we can be given some additional steps, and adds to the journey of finding your Power.

We are powerful beings.

How do I know that? Because of the simplest action if you want to physically see something and are dead on focused to do something, you will Manifest it. We have seen it happen. That one friend that has been wanting pushing talking about going to China… and then 6 months later you get a photo on your Instagram feed of your friend on the Great Wall

Its possible. If we put our minds in Focus.

i read this yesterday and shared it with you guys because it aligned with me on a crazy level.



When you see that you are plateauing or maybe not feeling your best what can you do?

Physically Move.

Because the race doesn’t go to those that do the minimal leg work, and let life fly by.

The race goes to those that figure out what they could do. And do it.