Complete Guide to Zero Waste Travel 

Highly Recommend Saving this Link, for it can be used as a Check List whenever you are traveling!

This list may also be altered for your daily work commutes!

  1. How many times do you buy a coffee at the airport? Starbucks? Your local bakery?

    • Could you have a reusable cup with you? YES.

  2. What about buying a small croissant or cookie? Is it in a single use paper bag? (Did you know some of these paper bags actually have plastic in them?!)

    • Maybe instead you could bring your own small snack?

Just two points to get you thinking…

Our Goal is to:

  1. Say no to single-use plastics

  2. Use fewer chemicals, better for the environment and You! Hello!

  3. Reduce food waste, this is where planning is very important.

  4. Recycle & Reuse, (what could be recycled and used them one more time?)

Now to the Famous Check-List

What to Pack for Trips and Commutes:

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Mason Jar ( for Coffee, salads, cut up carrots, or even to collect rocks at the beach)

  • Cloth bag, whether you need it for the beach, or grocery store, or just a cute tote to go out instead of a crazy heavy bag or

Do you have any tips on how to reduce waste in the kitchen? Share them in the comments below!⁠⠀