Being Grounded - Smells & Movement

Good Morning :)

Woke up today under the weather, and since I am #adulting I get to be strong and continue working! And Some how I was motivated to blog about what I am feeling at the moment.

As some of you may know I am now living in Hamburg, and it is a little different than my other homes that I have had. This time I really started from scratch, speaking German all day, figuring out my health insurance, my apartment, my work, and my routine solo. There is something different about coming to a city and having the structure of University, and this time it’s work environment…. And in an area where none of my passports support my visas… #challenge.

Ok, I don’t want to rant on this blog. That is not the point of this post.

I’m here to write about , ok everything may be shifting and changing, but how do you continue staying grounded and balanced? How can I keep my routine, or as least feel comfortable no matter where I am?

This is an improvisational post so bear with me…

Grounded. Centered.

Smells & Aromatherapy:

  • What are your favorite smells? What makes you feel like home?

    • Maybe cooking something that makes you feel settled? (A.k.a. my Mom’s tart, actually going to make it this week, and will update this post with a photo).

  • My favorite smells are lavender to sleep and relax, and peppermint to feel energized and ready for the day. I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy. (If you’re interested in knowing more about aromatherapy leave a comment below, and I can write a post with some different oils, where to use them, intentions you can make, and some yummy home rituals)


  • I am a huge walker and explorer and something that helps me feel grounded is knowing where I am. (Similar to a dog in a way… I like to know my surroundings)

  • Do you practice yoga? Meditate? Is there a park nearby? Sometimes you just need to be out in nature and stretch and inhale some fresh oxygen. Super easy to do as well.