ReCalibrate While Traveling

So as some of you may know, I am an avid traveler. I love to move around, but I also appreciate and value having my space and home. It‘s work for me though to be honest! I notice it and am becoming more aware of this… because when I am grounded I perform better.

My question always goes down though too, what about Right Now?

While I am moving and traveling how can I make myself feel “at home“ ? Centered in a way.

First of all, I am a fan of Intention making, and writing… There is power in writing out your Thoughts..

  • What are you dreaming about?

  • What am I focusing on?

  • Am I planning anything?

Honestly, sometimes I am just drawing out what we are envisioning for the day/week/year.

Secondly, Getting to know your surroundings and connecting with the city/town you are in!

  • I am a part of the German version of ClassPass, called Urban Sports Club, and with my membership I can use over 400 studios… What a better way to feel good in my body (check!) and see the businesses/communities in the area!? (Not an ad, I just love it).

    • Yesterday I tried out the Every Damn Day Yoga, and today I am going to visit Yoga Tribe, and EVO Mitte… Let‘s see! Excited! Honestly, for me, it makes a difference… When I move my body and make time for me, then I am better focused in my job! (Agreed?!)

  • My other FAVORITE is WALKING… Who knows that I love to walk? Hmm? (Honestly missing my morning walks in St. Pete… maybe I can do that again here?)

Thirdly, Nutrition. Eat good Food.

  • If your eating crappy food… Do you think you are going to feel good the next day? Week? Month? In simple terms, make Your Core Happy. (I can’t say this enough!)


This week I am working with the Business Development team in Berlin, and living in a hotel for the week. So this is my tips and reflections on what I am working in right now :) Hope you enjoy!