BOUNCE BACK - your mind in Check

During my time here in Germany this past year my mind has definitely gone through some rollercoasters to say the least. I think we all have our own versions.

What I realize is that regardless of the situation or actions, if your Mind is in the right place, you can continue to move forward. This is the ‚bounce back‘ theory I believe in…

How quickly can you Bounce Back?

Examples of Bouncing Back:

  • Hard day at work, stressful meetings, feels like nothings moving forward…

    • Getting home, making a Yummy salad, and realizing where you are in this moment,

      • Recognizing the challenges, and reconnecting with your Why,

        • Next Day you are back and Ready to Go!

  • Family drama, relationship drama, friend drama, whatever is may be it‘s in the way of your work day.

    • Taking a quick 5 minute break to go walk outside, get some `‘Vitamin Me.‘ Listen to a chill song, breathe, maybe journal a bit, up to you! (Leaving the phone for 5 minutes… I know it can be a challenge, just do try it).

      • Coming back to your team present and ready to continue meetings with a clear mind.

Those are a few ideas of what I mean… Some patterns that I have found can be resolved, For Me, with the following 4 Pillars:


  1. Movement

    • I am a BIG fan of Walking, and feel seriously it is a basis for all exercise. If I could recommend to anything to someone, it would be to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. It involves and activates All of Your Organs! Try it out for a week, see how you feel. (If you have a smart phone you can track it on your activity apps, super simple, if you need help, I am here).

    • An article I read shared the quote, that if we don‘t Use It we end up Losing it. This I believe full heartedly because when we stop using certain parts of are body.. For example after recovering for my ankle, or when you have a full week sitting at a desk in the office.. I just feel off! (Anyone agree?)

  2. Mobility

    • Now this is different then movement, because I think of Mobility as in flexibility, endurance, and the small yet key shows that your connected to your body. Things like Yoga, and honestly just stretching and breathing in the mornings can vastly change your internal body feeling.

  3. Nutrition

    • How are you nurturing your engine? Your energetic body?! Are you listening to those signs your body is giving you? Are you addressing them?

    • While traveling this can be difficult! This is why I wrote the post this week about Recalibrating while Traveling. Brings up a few notes of mine… Like WHAT ARE WE PUTTING IN OUR BODIES?

  4. Community

    • And last, but Super Important, Your Crew! When all else fails, or you need that motivation, it is a huge advantage to call a friend and say, ‚Hey, need some motivation.‘ It‘s OK to ask for a Pep Talk, or just to hang out! Vent!

      This is your precious life, Learn from this moments.

What are your forms of getting back into the present moment? How do you Bounce Back?

Lots of Love,