Monday - My Art is UP!

Hi Everyone!

I am announcing that my artwork is up at Kahwa on 2nd St N, and 5th Ave N! It's another form of fundraising for Ritually, and also another form of me sharing my vulnerability and creativity. Each piece was created while experiencing a transformational time in my life. Whether it was a dance during sunset, or sailing during a calm after with friends. I have them all on the shop so that you can see them here if you are out of town, or just need a refresher of it.

Please check it out, and share your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

I am going to be using this blog more frequently, shorter posts maybe, but more frequent. 

I get to be Vulnerable! So get ready for that (saying this to myself).


Check out my About page if you can too! Want to make sure that sounds authentic and share a clear idea of what I am trying to accomplish.