Monday Motivation

Hi Beautiful Souls! 

How's your Monday going? Are you creating something this week? What are you committed to being? Any new practices that you are trying out? Meditating in the mornings?

I am actually thinking of waking up at 5:30am and meditating at the park before going to workout at 6am. Have you ever tried this out? What worked and didn't work? Did it help you start your day? Would you recommend having breakfast before working out or after? (Super curious).

We just got back to St. Pete last night. My roommate and I spent the weekend in NYC, staying with my best friend Coco in the Upper East Side. Can I just say... WE TRIED EVERYTHING! Walked everywhere. Ate everything! Healthy and unhealthy. Worth all of it. There's a certain amount of freedom I feel when I am traveling. I have the ability to meet and see new things. This stimulates my Mind and Body. Walking down unknown streets, seeing new buildings, businesses, and monuments. Figuring out the Subway system. Lots to learn! How does travel make you feel? Do you feel like getting back is challenging? I definitely am feeling like that today, yet I am reminding myself to continue stepping forward in my commitments. Stay aligned. Writing in my journal. Moving my body. Keeping up with my nutrition.

My artwork is at Kahwa this month, so if you haven't seen it yet, please do! I would love to know what you think, and if you would like to support the fundraiser. It is going towards purchasing the EOS 70D, with two lens, and a microphone. This will give me the tools so that I can interview and document the rituals that I find while traveling and connecting with others.