Tuesday Morning

It's nice to write again! I missed it! I am making the time to create and share what's been going on in my life and what Ritually is becoming.

Over the past few months, I have been focusing a great amount on myself... learning about my spirituality, and discipline towards my purpose. Working on my purpose... What do I want to create in this world? What have my experiences taught me, and how can they best serve me? How can I create value, love, and passion? The word Understanding keeps coming up...

I have spent a great of my life learning how to understand where someone is coming from.

Where are they speaking from?

How does their culture impact their vision?

Were they ever hurt in the past? What is that place, and how can I best support them?

So I went a little deep (typical me) and looked at the definitions, and I really liked how they explained it in Spanish. "Capacidad de pensar y obrar con buen juicio, prudencia, reflexión, sensatez y responsabilidad."

To paraphrase, the ability to think and create with good judgment, prudence, reflection, sanity, and responsibility. In more depth..

Prudence the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason 

Reflection - the capacity to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence. 

Sanity - the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health.

Responsibility - the state or fact of being answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management.


I want people to understand one another. Regardless of their past, culture, and their self limiting beliefs. I would like for them to accept, and use all the words above. It is our responsibility to connect with one another. 

Ask yourself these questions and see what you come up with.


Ritually is going to be one of the ways that I create understanding, love and curiosity for culture. 

My next stories are going to be focused on specific rituals from around the world. Starting with the significance of Mehendi (aka Henna), and then the symbolic value of Tibetan Buddhist Mandalas.


Please share your feedback, ideas. I want to create the most value for us. I love you all, and hope you have an amazing day.

For this month, I have been reading The Mastery of Self, by Don Miguel Ruiz. I highly recommend reading it our finding it on Audible.

Affirmation for the day: Self-love is something I’m working on, and I’m grateful for all the ways I show myself love.