Hurricane Supply Drive This Weekend!

Hey Everyone! <3

I will be leaving the 19th (this Friday) at 9am with my car, and possibly others.

In an effort to assist those impacted by Hurricane Michael, I am gathering supplies to take over to affected areas this weekend. If you are unable to donate supplies I have made this fundraiser so that I can go and buy the key supplies needed.

Key items that are needed:
- Water
- Diapers
- Medical Supplies (First Aid)
- Flashlights
- Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant) 
- Batteries
- Feminine Products
- Peanut butter crackers
- Beef jerky
- Granola bars
- Dried Fruits
- Canned Tuna
- Canned vegetables
- Packaged chips, goldfish, pretzels
- Trail Mix
- Canned Chili or Soups

Your donations are extremely appreciated! For every donation of over $40 I will be making metal stamped gifts as a token of gratitude, and send them to you.

My Venmo is: @isauribe

All of your support matters, and will make a difference! 
I will try my best to get as much footage as possible, and share what's going on with you guys.

To request a donation pick-up, please contact me: 305-409-1388 or