New Habits

Alright! So this is my first time actually dedicating myself to having a blog. Never thought I was actually going to be a person interested in typing out her thoughts or connecting to people through the internet!

I think this is going to be a great journey, one that both of us can enjoy from.

So why this? Why the title?

When you think of the word "ritual", what comes to your mind?

Some may think it has a relation to spirituality, others think of a specific norm or tradition, but for the past year I have found this word has a lot more meaning than we imagine. 

Rituals are habits that you make for yourself, whether it's for your religion or just your own purpose. It can even be the basics of eating healthy, working out on a daily basis, spending time with your family, or any type of habit that you find of true value.

That is what I hope to generally accomplish, Valuing your life

If you want to know more about me you can visit the About page. 


Self Reflection Questions: 

So what do you value? What are your priorities? Leave your comments below and I can't wait to see your responses!