Dancing with the Universe.

Good Morning! <3

It’s a new week, and I started with my daily practice. Intentions. Skin care. A great walk to work. Feeling good. Sometimes I can’t get to all of the things, but it’s ok! The little things I can do, make me happy. It’s an opportunity.

What’s your mantra for today?

What’s your mantra for today?

Questions to ask yourself this morning:

  • How would I use my body if I was filled with passion or enthusiasm?

  • What would I say to myself?

  • How would I focus on things?

  • What would I think about?

  • What kinds of decisions would I make?

  • What kinds of actions would I take?

How does this affect or change my physiology?

What are you doing this morning? Are you feeling organized and ready? Passionate about what your doing? Light? Creative?

So, Some Personal News!

I’m embarking on a 10 day meditation course, with the famous Brain Trainer. Excited. Supported. Giving myself some L O V E.

Additionally, it’s experience! Why not!? Only 12 minutes a day, and maybe it will impact my day at work? Ever thought of it that way?

Yesterday’s post was great because it was a reminder that when you’re frequency is in a good place, you attract and manifest a different world. Your reactions are improved.

You care about your work and yourself differently.

Everything just Flows.


If you want to know more about the practice I am doing click the link below. If you want to know my experience with this course, I am going to write here daily how I feel and the thoughts that came after the meditation. What I noticed, and so forth.

Secondly, I am spending some time this week making more Ayurvedic meals, because I have been feeling some extreme VATA these few days.. Active, but really dry and cracking all over… No bueno…

Therefore I found some advice from, Banyan Botanicals, check out their page on Vata Pacifying (funny name) and Lifestyle

When it comes to pacifying vata, how we eat may be just as important as what we eat, [Story of my life!!] so this is an especially useful place to focus if the prospect of radically changing your diet feels overwhelming right now.

Vata is deeply soothed when we choose to eat in a peaceful environment—one where we can offer our full attention to the act of being nourished. Routine itself also balances vata, so the practice of eating three square meals per day (at about the same times each day) further reduces vata and helps to strengthen delicate digestion. And as we have already discussed, the aggravating potential of many vata-aggravating foods can be minimized by making sure that they are well-cooked, served warm, and garnished generously with oil, ghee, and digestive spices. Even visualizing your food grounding your energy, nourishing your body, and promoting health and vitality can go a long way toward pacifying the negative impacts of a vata-aggravating food. Experiment with taking a moment to resonate with your food in this way, particularly if you know you are about to ingest a food or a meal that is especially cool, dry, light, or rough. 

Are you guys interested in learning more about Ayurveda? Do you know a lot about it? (Thinking of interviewing someone in this field… Hmm ideas…)

Wishing you Peace and Success this Week,

Ritually (aka Isa)

Love you‘re Meant to receive.

Hi Everyone, ❤️

I hope your Sunday is going well, and that you are feeling ready for this new week! If not, why and how can you shift that right Now? Take a second for you to calibrate.

Today I was practicing my daily meditation, and the subject that we went over was, “Washing away the Holding Onto”, but for me I think I interpreted it differently… what touched my heart was Recognizing the joy that resides within us, and opening our hearts to the love that we are meant to be receiving.

What are you Meant to receive? Are we Meant to receive? Or should we have no expectations? What can we receive if we are letting out a limiting frequency? What type of energy are we bringing into our lives?

Lots of Questions… haha, Gemini ♊️ 😇

During this practice, Al Jeffrey, my guide, was reciting a passage from Lao Tzu: 

Colors blind the eye.

Sounds deafen the ear.

Flavors numb the taste.

Thoughts weaken the mind.

Desires wither the heart.

The Master observes the world but trusts his inner vision.

He allows things to come and go.

His heart is open as the sky.

(Tao Te Ching, chapter 12, translation by Stephen Mitchell)

  • Would love to know what you think about this passage.

I find it quite interesting because there have been times... now A lot more rare, but I used to... have this feeling of “Chill Isa, you’re Too Passionate... Hold up. People won’t be able to handle this.” I have felt that I need to remember that I am in a certain level or stage in my life, and that’s just “it”..... AND WOW, How limiting this feeling is!


Sometimes stuck in my mind when I should just buy the flight and go. Ever felt that one? 🙈 Whyyyyy.

There is no point!

Why tell yourself, (myself) things like this? Fear? Not looking good or being good enough? Different?

What a great reminder this afternoon from Dr. Hardy

This meditation today.. Just. Wow. AND, a delicious brunch with my friend Jackie, (check her out, Creative Nights Hamburg).

What if We could notice that these are only concepts and limiting Our BeiNg…  

I mean this in a positive way because I think sometimes when someone say, ‘Let’s forget your identity, your job, your tasks, what you are then… OK… what are you doing with your life… And therefore it’s more of looking internally…

  • What are the possibilities for you? 

  • What else can you be? 

  • What can you create?

Notice where your mind goes when it’s thinking of creative ideas…

What are you curious about?

What could you try this month? 

I found this image, Weekly Challenges, anything you want to try?


This blog is my thoughts and processing. I am not a professional, but I am going through this journey of daily meditation and self care practices… So if you’re curious, subscribe! Share! Or even better.. Send feedback. I love it!!!

have a great week ❤️🙏🏼

Ritually (aka Isa)


You are the 5 People you spend your time with.

(Paraphrased from something we have all heard once in our life).

We have the power to choose our environments and the events and places. Sometimes we can be given some additional steps, and adds to the journey of finding your Power.

We are powerful beings.

How do I know that? Because of the simplest action if you want to physically see something and are dead on focused to do something, you will Manifest it. We have seen it happen. That one friend that has been wanting pushing talking about going to China… and then 6 months later you get a photo on your Instagram feed of your friend on the Great Wall

Its possible. If we put our minds in Focus.

i read this yesterday and shared it with you guys because it aligned with me on a crazy level.



When you see that you are plateauing or maybe not feeling your best what can you do?

Physically Move.

Because the race doesn’t go to those that do the minimal leg work, and let life fly by.

The race goes to those that figure out what they could do. And do it.