Ritually was established in Miami, Florida, and has been managed in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg by Isabella Uribe (Isa). She had been going through a great amount of self-discovery moving for university. The creator was raised in Santiago, Chile, and had to shift when she moved to the U.S. on her own. Living in South America was very different. The customs and norms were very different. What did that mean? From finding what she enjoyed doing for fun, spirituality, and purpose. There was a lot she hadn't discovered yet. It was a new beginning. Isabella continues to be an avid learner and traveler and enjoys supporting others in her community. Her main focus has been majoring in Int. Business & Entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida and sailing for the Varsity Team. After graduation she plans to move to Germany to work with Daimler and continue her passion of connecting with others around their rituals as she travels. Ritually isn't like any other brand... We evolve into the mindset. This is a mindful/intentional choice to practice rituals. This way of living is ever growing, because instead of being fixed in one ritual, you get the opportunity to learn rituals from others, and try them out for yourself.


"I have been curious about culture since I was little. I would meet children in my school that would come from different countries for 3-4 years, and bring their cultural foods, and mannerisms to class. I was being invited into their homes and had the opportunity to learn their mannerisms, and world perspective. I had friends from all over the world including India, Korea, Norway, and South Africa. Overtime it created an appreciation for these rituals and practices around the world. I have a unique perspective on life, I see past the superficial armor, and am able to see everyone's highest self. 

All the items were created by Isabella as a way to share her vulnerability and all donations are going towards the growth of Ritually. Inside of every painting there is something sentimental that helped me shift into the person I am today. If you would like to support my fundraiser, it is greatly appreciated. I am purchasing the EOS 70D, with two lens, and a microphone, that way I can interview and document the rituals that I find while traveling and connecting with others. If you're interested in being a guest writer for our blog, or would like to be interviewed, contact me at: isauribe@mac.com.

I love to connect and understand what is significant to each person. This has created magical moments, and I want to share them with you."

All the items in my shop are going towards the growth of Ritually. Everything has a great meaning to me, so if you would like to help fundraise for my initial equipment, it is greatly appreciated.


More about Rituals:

Rituals are a common practice. They can set the foundations for a mindful day, be a rite of passage, or can be an intention towards a certain goal. It is our opportunity to share those stories of community, culture, and continued self discovery.

By sharing your story, you may be helping others in their path to living ritually.


Good energy. Always be aware of how powerful your word is.


If you're interested in being a guest writer, or would like to be interviewed, contact us by email: isauribe@mac.com


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