Begin Again

Hello beautiful people! I miss writing here!

It's been a while since I have made a blog post... mainly due to the fact that I was struggling to know exactly what I wanted Ritually to become. I felt a great amount of pressure of what others thought of my brand, and I began forgetting why I started in the first place. So let's begin.. There are many brands that are focused on meditation, and yoga... World-wide apparel clothing, and body lotion companies. This is a very competitive environment, and I am about to enter the field.

My whole life has been outlined by travel... with family... with my university... and a great amount of solo trips. Some of my most important memories have been while I was in a new location discovering. I love to journal, and I realized that my passion for writing is ignited when I travel. Something about being in a completely new space, and really being "me". Being able to stay with a host family and 

My point with this is feeling that I have of not giving a fuck of where I am, and just having my self "essence" is what we need to learn to appreciate. Especially in the world we live in with social media, advertisements, and artificial intelligence... It is crucial to know deep down how we are as beings on this planet. 

Travel to KC

Good Morning! Last weekend I went on a trip to Kansas City, Missouri for the CEO National Pitch Competition. What an amazing experience, surrounded by entrepreneurial minds and inspiring life stories... made some great relationships and friendships while I was there. During my time there, I got the chance to participate in the Elevator Pitch Competition, and specifically pitch Live Ritually! I received useful information from keynote speakers and experienced business owners, and they have given me lots of feedback. Really looking forward to continuing and growing this brand! 

Last week while having coffee with a friend, we discussed what we envision our work environment in the next few years. What I found interesting from the conversation was the importance of surrounding yourself with people that really engage, and motivate you to be your best. I have spent a lot of my life always pleasing others, which has helped me grow as a person. What I mean by this is that it has made me realize that I need to focus on what makes me happy and step back sometimes from that habit. I love my family and friends and I am always here to support them. Additionally, I need to create a balance of spending time serving others while spending time with Myself. I am confident that I will create a work environment that gives me the ability to travel, make relationships, and keep learning. 


Definition for thought:

Billionaire - changing the lives of billions of people.


Question for reflection:

What do you admire from your parents?


I love reading your responses and love replying! So please leave a comment or send me an email! Have an amazing day!